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Business comes with competitive threats and opportunities for cooperation. To thrive, clients require skilled advisors who understand the basis of a transaction, what is at stake, and who can effectively advocate for their businesses. When technology and intellectual property are involved, deals become more complicated and the stakes go up. Too often businesses receive legal advice on their transactions that does not fully acknowledge the technical context of the problem. Haley Guiliano solves that problem and serves its clients’ transactional and licensing needs.

Haley Guiliano’s depth of experience – both legally and technically – provides its clients with the right support to respond to threats and facilitate cooperation. Our practice is underpinned with technical experts and we get excited about combining that expertise with our legal experience. It’s what helps us file meaningful patents for our clients and not just run a file-and-forget practice. It’s also what allows our transactions team to craft agreements reflecting what’s important to our clients. And, we’ve been there. Haley Guiliano’s collective experience, not just as a prosecution firm, but as litigators and in-house counsel, provides our clients with a practical understanding of, for example, how agreements are treated in litigation or the importance of closing a deal on a schedule. Whether it’s defending against an in-bound patent licensing assertion, negotiating SaaS agreements, understanding the implications of open source licenses, or crafting a joint venture around new technology, Haley Guiliano leverages its technical expertise and legal experience to provide its clients with crafted legal problem solving.


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While we are happy to have you contact us by electronic mail, telephone, surface mail or facsimile transmission, merely communicating with Haley Guiliano LLP or a Haley Guiliano LLP lawyer or employee will not create a lawyer-client relationship. Such a relationship will not arise unless and until the firm agrees with you in writing to handle a particular matter. Importantly, unless and until this has occurred, you should not convey to us any information you regard as personal or confidential, because any such information will not be treated by us as confidential or subject to any confidentiality requirements.