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Patent Utilization

Patents can be valuable assets. But without a business-savvy patent strategy, patent holders may not be able to unlock the value in their patents. Worse, they may not even be able to defend when other patent holders come looking to extract value. Many organizations hold patents on the simple hope that the patents will protect a product or, perhaps, provide some competitive advantage. But, patents aren’t magic tickets that suddenly shift business risk. They are complicated legal rights that require a technical and business understanding of the relevant environment. Haley Guiliano is a trusted guide and partner when it comes to developing the value in your patent program.

Haley Guiliano is serious about combining its expertise in technology with its business and legal experience to make patents valuable. This combination is what gets us excited. Across technologies, we help our clients build relevant patent portfolios that are ready to deliver value when needed. Sometimes a patent’s value is defensive. Sometimes it is competitive. And, sometimes a patent’s value is in being monetized or used to accelerate business collaboration. Regardless, Haley Guiliano’s attorneys have worked through hundreds of different situations to craft value from their clients’ patent portfolios. We understand our clients’ technology. We have deep experience in patents, litigation, and licensing. And we know how to help your business develop a plan and prepare to put your portfolio to work.


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