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Freedom to Operate/ Third Party Risk Assessment

Haley Guiliano’s business is to learn and understand our clients’ innovations. This is particularly important when counseling clients regarding potential third party risks associated with releasing new technology or bringing a new product to market. Prior to taking such an important step for a business, Haley Guiliano identifies potential intellectual property risks and works with the client to mitigate any such risks.

This is especially relevant when dealing with third party patents. Our team of patent professionals have expertise across a wide spectrum of technologies and areas of science. This allows us to efficiently identify third party patents that potentially pose risk to our clients’ commercial goals.

We work directly with our clients’ engineers and scientists on technical issues to develop products and technology with the intent of mitigating potential risks.


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While we are happy to have you contact us by electronic mail, telephone, surface mail or facsimile transmission, merely communicating with Haley Guiliano LLP or a Haley Guiliano LLP lawyer or employee will not create a lawyer-client relationship. Such a relationship will not arise unless and until the firm agrees with you in writing to handle a particular matter. Importantly, unless and until this has occurred, you should not convey to us any information you regard as personal or confidential, because any such information will not be treated by us as confidential or subject to any confidentiality requirements.