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Competitive Landscape Analysis

Haley Guiliano generates, analyzes, and counsels on intellectual property risk landscapes. In the context of patents, in particular, we evaluate third party patent risks in specific areas of technology. This provides a valuable tool for a client to use when determining where to expend resources on research and development. Businesses based on innovation also find this service useful when determining how to implement a technical idea in one or more commercial products in order to identify and mitigate risk.


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Communication Policy

While we are happy to have you contact us by electronic mail, telephone, surface mail or facsimile transmission, merely communicating with Haley Guiliano LLP or a Haley Guiliano LLP lawyer or employee will not create a lawyer-client relationship. Such a relationship will not arise unless and until the firm agrees with you in writing to handle a particular matter. Importantly, unless and until this has occurred, you should not convey to us any information you regard as personal or confidential, because any such information will not be treated by us as confidential or subject to any confidentiality requirements.