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Makerversity Working Lunch with Kevin Hanson

Join Kevin Hanson for a working lunch at Makerversity, to learn how intellectual property can be used as a strategic and valuable tool.

Keys To Successful AI Patents in the U.S. And Europe

Check out Drew Schulte’s latest Law360 article on how to successfully file AI patents in the Europe and the United States.

IP Shutdown

You’re just a patent attorney – why should you care about the Government shutdown? Find out from Jeff Ingerman.

Coordinating Patent Strategies Across PTAB And EPO

Check out Drew Schulte’s latest Law 360 article, an expert analysis on coordinating patent strategies across PTAB and EPO.

Training Your Organization for the Future of IP in AI

The answer doesn’t have to be increased spending. Organizations should aim to train their themselves to understand their needs and goals related to patent protection, rather than lose ground to tech companies.

The Unified Patent Court – another twist in the road or just more of the same?

The White Paper was produced by UK Government to propose a relationship between the UK and the EU post-Brexit. But what does it mean for the UPC?


Four years after the U.S. Supreme Court shook the patent world with its string of subject matter eligibility cases, the U.S. patent system still lacks firm footing on what constitutes patent eligible subject matter.

Is this How Brexit Might Sustain the UPC?

The UK has ratified the UPC Agreement – this is a good thing for the UPC. However, the stumbling block for the UK’s continued membership of the UPC is that the UPC is subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) which is a no-no for the UK post-Brexit.