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Category: Succeeding for Our Clients

Haley Guiliano (HG), capping off a banner year of recognition and awards, has been invited to the 2024 Managing IP Awards for the Americas Region […]

PTAB Bounces Challenge to Trampoline Arena Patent

The PTAB declined to Institute Inter Partes Review on a Petition challenging U.S. Patent No. 8,764,575 for a “Trampoline Arena.”

Another Patent Owner Victory at the PTAB for Haley Guiliano LLP

The PTAB declined to institute Inter Partes Review on U.S. Patent No. 6,183,841 in NHK Spring Co., Ltd. v. Intri-Plex Techs., Inc., IPR2018-00752. The PTAB agreed under 325(d) that the same prior art from prosecution was merely repackaged for the IPR and also considered the relative progress of a co-pending District Court case under 314(a).