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Six HG Attorneys Named to IAM Patent 1000, London and US Offices Recognized for Excellence

Jun 11, 2024 | In the Media

A stunning 6 HG attorneys were named to the IAM Patent 1000, released June 5, 2024. IAM’s research revealed that HG is “Revered by patrons for the high quality of their legal representation and understanding of their businesses.” The HG teams were also called out for their responsiveness and attentiveness to clients.

  • New York: Co-Founding Partner James F. Haley, Jr., was recognized along Partners Karen Mangasarian and Brian Gummow for excellence in patent prosecution. IAM’s researchers lauded the Life Sciences team’s combination of experience and prowess in the worldwide prosecution of both biotechnology and chemotherapies.
  • San Jose: Gregory Lundell was recognized for excellence in transactions thanks to his “ability to blend his legal expertise with a strong understanding of business condition.” The IAM researchers also note that Greg is, “always thoroughly prepared, thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, responsive and has an astute business acumen.”
  • London: Peter Hale was called, “a reliable pair of hands for communications and control systems, while experience with naval engineering, in particular, has given him a keen insight into the fields of mechanics and thermodynamics. IAM noted Counsel Roger Nash for his leadership, among other things, “Roger is a natural leader and empowers everyone under his supervision. He is most assuredly the calibre of IP professional that can be counted on to provide top-notch service and commercially precise guidance.”

In addition to the individual accolades HG as a whole was recommended for International work and both the London and New York offices received accolades. HG London received their second Bronze Award for Prosecution with the publication saying, “The British wing of the US firm Haley Guiliano boasts top-flight patent professionals.” The flagship New York office, described as “a team of masterful attorneys who specialise in patent prosecution,” received a recommendation for prosecution.