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Kavya Reddy Dudipala

Technical Advisor

London, UK


Kavya Reddy joined Haley Guiliano with a strong scientific acumen in the field of materials science and engineering, gained through her research experience at world’s leading universities like University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and Ludwig Maximilian University. She is inspired by the profound intersection of innovation and law that her role at Haley Guiliano offers. Her versatile and multi-disciplinary background in science, is the key for her effective understanding of scientific concepts behind novel inventions. Within the realm of materials science, her expertise lies in semiconductors (device fabrication and characterization), novel materials (synthesis and fundamental properties), thin films (via physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition and solution processed routes), energy devices (solar cells, indoor photovoltaics, piezoelectric and thermoelectric devices), photocatalysts (water splitting and environmental pollution treatment), photonics and optoelectronics (charge-carrier generation recombination characteristics, lasers and light emitting diodes), radiation detectors (electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation), and sensors.

She first completed her integrated master’s degree in physics with specialization in condensed matter physics from University of Hyderabad and then pursued ‘Laurea Di Secondo Livello’ in materials science at department of chemistry, University of Turin, Italy. She graduated as a master of materials science with distinction and was awarded an academic title of “Dottoressa Magistrale” in 2021.

Apart from academics and work, Kavya enjoys travelling around the world.