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Anchal Agarwal

Technical Advisor

San Jose, CA


Anchal Agarwal joined Haley Guiliano in 2023 as a Technical Advisor. While her expertise lies in semiconductor devices and materials, she believes innovation thrives at the intersection of different disciplines and is always eager to delve into fresh challenges.

Anchal holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has an extensive publication and presentation history. Her Ph.D. research focused on the materials development of Gallium Nitride for power electronics. These wide-bandgap semiconductor devices have wide-ranging applications, from electric vehicles and batteries to telecommunications and medical devices. From there, her journey in the tech industry began as a Staff Engineer at Western Digital in 2018, where she worked in the R&D and Productization of Memory Devices, deepening her knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

Honors & Awards

    • Best Paper Award from the University of Padova for work on OG-FETs (2019)
    • Best Paper at International Reliability Physics Symposium (2019)
    • Outstanding Graduate Student Research Achievement Award (2015)
    • Lee Teng Fellowship (2011)

Memberships & Affiliations

    • IEEE-HKN Honor Society