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Stefan J. P. Siegel

Technical Advisor

London, UK


Stefan joined Haley Guiliano with a vast amount of experience in prosecuting telecommunication and semiconductor patent applications at the European Patent Office as well as drafting new patent applications for autonomous vehicles.  Stefan is regularly involved in business development and strives to combine his passion for automobiles and green energy with his daily work.

Stefan joined the IP profession in 2017 after completing a degree in physics and philosophy.  Prior to that, Stefan spent a considerable amount of time in Kuwait where, among other things, he led a green engineering project at a local construction company with the aim of replacing their diesel powered generators with cleaner and more efficient solar-powered generators. The project involved developing an affordable prototype solar-powered generator which could withstand Kuwait’s extreme weather of 50+°C and leading a group of engineers to build that prototype. The functioning prototype is being used as a model to build 40 more units, wherein each unit saves in excess of 600 Watts per generator and reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

Stefan recently joined the Porsche Club of Great Britain and enjoys sharing his time with fellow motorists around the country.  When he is not in his car, Stefan enjoys learning new hobbies such as inline skating, bouldering, and occasionally playing a jazz tune on his saxophone.

Memberships & Affiliations

    • Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)