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Mohammad Zaryab began his patent law career at Haley Guiliano in August 2017. Since then, he has prepared a multitude of patent applications spanning topics such as media guidance, virtual reality, communications, speech recognition, gaming technology, and image processing. In addition to prosecuting patent applications in various jurisdictions across the world, has worked with patent attorneys in conducting pre-litigation analysis and investigations relating to IP transactions.

Mohammad’s specialties are in computer software and network communications. His interests span hot topics like deep learning, big data, photonics and networks. Prior to starting a career in patent law, he has held several research positions at laboratories including the Structure Function Imaging Lab at Columbia University, along with the Robotics Lab and the Optical Communications and Photonics System Lab at the City College of New York. Mohammad has also worked as a product developer for a biomedical technology startup called Jibon Health.

During his time at these laboratories and the startup, Mohammad has worked on various projects. For example, he has helped develop a machine learning “contact algorithm” that informs electrophysiologists when their catheters are touching heart tissue, thus potentially allowing for enhanced cardiac surgeries. He has also collaborated with biomedical engineers to create an affordable, portable ultrasound device and automated training system that aims to reduce the lack of accessibility and training in underdeveloped countries. In addition, he has helped program an indoor navigation software for the visually impaired, to improve traversal in complex environments.

Mohammad’s hobbies include graphic design, tennis, and video games.

Honors & Awards

    • Electrical Engineering Research Award, Columbia University
    • Engineering Alumni Medal, City College of New York