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With 20 years as a practicing technologist and lawyer, Josh Van Hoven works with clients to create valuable intellectual property assets, litigates cases involving complex technologies, and regularly advises companies and strategic investors on the sale, purchase, and valuation of IP assets. Josh’s practice includes patent prosecution, client counseling, and technology litigation.   

Josh works with both large and small companies to develop patent portfolios. He brings a deep understanding of technological principles and emerging trends to his practice.  This allows him to establish a rapport with inventors and develop far-sighted patent portfolio strategies.  Although Josh has experience with many technical areas, his practice is focused on complex electrical and computing technologies, including hardware and algorithm-heavy software.  Exemplary technology areas include wireless communications, encryption, surveillance and biometric systems, graphics processors, voice codecs, video codecs, machine learning systems, data storage systems, battery systems, physiological monitoring devices, surgical devices, hybrid vehicles, and software.

Josh frequently leads the technical portion of patent litigation, focusing on testimony of experts and technical witnesses, strategy regarding infringement and invalidity, and other patent-specific issues.  Josh represents clients in most of the primary patent litigation venues, including before the International Trade Commission, Northern District of California, Eastern District of Texas, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.  Josh has also prosecuted numerous reexamination and inter partes review petitions.

Josh also counsels clients regarding competitive threats and patent transactions.  He helps operating companies identify and acquire patents for use in competitor litigation.  On multiple occasions, these efforts have allowed Josh’s clients to achieve patent parity with a competitor that previously held a litigation advantage.  He also assists clients during product development to avoid infringement allegations. Josh also represents clients in mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on patent diligence and patent valuation. 

Memberships & Affiliations

    • San Francisco Bay Area Intellectual Property Inns of Court