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Jie Lu

Technical Advisor

New York, NY


Jie Lu joined Haley Guiliano in 2020 as a Technical Advisor in the Life Sciences Group.

Prior to joining Haley Guiliano, Jie worked in chemical and healthcare industry for over five years. She was a senior scientist at Solvay, utilizing her deep expertise in organic synthesis and surface chemistry to provide technology solutions to a variety of industrial challenges, from mining, flocculation, polymer additives to scale inhibition, heavy metal removal and crystal growth modification. Before joining Solvay, Jie was a senior scientist at Evonik. She led innovation projects to develop degradable biomaterials for parenteral drug with targeted controlled release profile as well as medical device and tissue engineering applications. Her work involved the design and synthesis of new molecules, drug formulations, process development, and technical support to manufacturing and regulatory affairs. Jie also interned at Evonik to optimize oral drug formulations using functional pharma exipients via fluid bed coating and hot melt extrusion. She also worked on the analytical methods development and validations.

Jie obtained her PhD in Chemistry from New York University, where she studied organic, organometallic and polymer chemistry. Her doctoral research focused on the invention of a core-shell micelle supported dual catalyst nanoreactor for tandem catalysis. Taking advantage of the compartmentalization in the micelle structure, two incompatible catalytic reactions with chiral selectivity can be combined in one-pot in aqueous media. Jie designed and synthesized the monomers and transition metal catalysts (i.e., Co-salen, Ru-porphyrin and Rh-DPEN) with functional handles to form the crosslinkable micelle nanoreactor via self-assembly and orthogonal conjugations.

Jie earned her BS in Chemistry from Nankai Unviersity. Her undergraduate research involved polymerization of cholic acid based biomaterials and its mineralization behavior in simulated body fluid.

Honors & Awards

    • MacCracken Fellowship, New York University
    • Dean’s Student Travel Award, New York University
    • Outstanding Graduate of Class 2009, Nankai University
    • Excellent Student Scholarship (2006-2009), Nankai University

Memberships & Affiliations

    • American Chemical Society
    • Material Research Society