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Jake H. Rabinowitz

Patent Agent

New York, NY


Jake Rabinowitz, Ph.D., is an electrical and chemical engineer with broad technical expertise spanning electronics, physics, chemistry, energy, AI/ML, nanoscience, and applied engineering. He is a well-cited researcher, having published wide-ranging work on fluid transport, energy conversion, microbe detection, neuroscience, microfabrication, and commercial power management systems. He has consulted for major corporate partners to enable solutions in off-shore energy deployment, resilient urban energy systems, and 5G-enabled technologies. He has designed smart, AI-based energy management systems and advocated for clean energy solutions in grid stakeholder meetings. During his graduate studies, he facilitated commercial research translation as a Technology Ventures Fellow. He has also been a Rhodes Candidate (Northeastern), Presidential Fellow (Columbia), InSITE Fellow, and IMPEL+ Innovator (Berkeley Lab). He excels at developing and disseminating technological advancements and is an experienced patent prosecutor.