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Hanchel Cheng

Technical Advisor

San Jose, CA


Hanchel received her MS and BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and UC Irvine, respectively. Her education focused on digital communications, wireless systems, information theory, and signal processing. The breadth of her education spans MMIC design, computer networks, optical electronics, antenna design, and control systems.

At Haley Guiliano, Hanchel’s work includes domestic and foreign patent preparation and prosecution. Some of her applications cover free-piston linear generators, MEMS sensors, biometric identification systems, battery systems in electric vehicles, media guidance and delivery systems, wireless communications protocols, semiconductor fabrication, robotics and automation, and broadband networks. Additionally, clients routinely seek her technical and practical contributions to their intellectual property work. She synthesizes highly technical information into actionable business data, prepares evidence of use claim charts, and comfortably interfaces with the most senior technical leaders at HG’s clients.

Prior to joining Haley Guiliano, Hanchel worked on airborne signal intelligence payloads in unmanned vehicles at Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Systems Engineer. Her projects included developing a high-speed transceiver that provided direct digital sampling of target signals with frequencies above what off-the-shelf transceivers could achieve. To calibrate the transceivers, Hanchel analyzed and collected calibration data for geolocation systems using injected calibration to correct for signal distortions caused by active RF components in the RF distribution chain such as mixers and amplifiers between the antenna and the ADC. She also worked on systems for the MQ-9 Reaper and verified gain pattern plots for electronically-steered array antennas.