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Andrew Campbell Lee

Patent Agent

San Jose, CA


Andrew Campbell Lee is a patent agent specializing in patent prosecution involving engineering technologies. Andrew has prepared and prosecuted patent applications across many technical fields, including energy systems, mechanical devices, medical devices, manufacturing processes, oil and gas, vehicles, and media guidance.

With years of industry experience, Andrew is familiar with advanced energy systems and processes, including gas turbines, free-piston engines, high-temperature fuel cells, liquid fuel vaporization and mixing, lean premixed combustion, homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), surface-stabilized combustion, pollutant formation and measurement, instrumentation, and sensor systems and auxiliary systems.

Andrew’s research experience includes studies on combustion, gasification, electrochemical, and optical processes. Examples include optical measurement of fuel sprays in air and steam, measurement of NOx formation in jet-stirred reactors, characterization of electrochemical conversion of synthetic fuel gas, an investigation into thermodynamic behavior of novel energy systems, thermogravimetric analysis of solid fuels, and investigation of fuel bed conversion in gasifying environments.

Prior to joining Haley Guiliano LLP in 2017, Andrew worked as a test engineer at EtaGen Inc., testing and instrumenting advanced free-piston power generators. Previously, he has worked as a Technical Advisor at Ropes & Gray LLP and a Patent Agent at Shvarts & Leiz LLP.

Memberships & Affiliations

    • Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)