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Michael Sobelman

Managing Director, Technical Analysis and Licensing

San Jose, CA


Michael Sobelman joined Hailey Guiliano as Managing Director of Technical Analysis in 2022 after a 30-year career in semiconductor manufacturing and testing, hardware and software development, cryptography, business development and sales, IP licensing, monetization, and M&A.

Prior to joining Haley Guiliano, Michael served as Vice President of Sales and Licensing at Immersion Corp, where he was responsible for licensing the company’s haptic technology.

Michael’s intellectual property experience includes roles managing IP M&A activities at Nagra/Kudelski, licensing the Kodak portfolio assets while at Intellectual Ventures, and business development and licensing roles at Rambus. He has been involved with numerous litigations in the US and Europe and has experience as a 30b6 technical witness in the ITC.

Michael’s technical experience started in the semiconductor industry, where he was involved with the test and fabrication of DRAMs, microprocessors, and high-speed serial interconnect. He later managed the pricing, marketing, and channel distribution of aftermarket memory for all computer products at Sun Microsystems. His time at Rambus also included architecture and mixed-signal design roles for SerDes products and (after its acquisition of Cryptography Research) sales leadership roles covering cryptographic cores, reverse engineering tools, and counter-measure technology. Michael is also the author or coauthor of nearly 20 patents.

In his free time, Michael takes his dog camping, rides his motorcycle around Northern California, and fixes anything with a motor (preferably with wheels attached).