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Technical Advisors and Patent Agents

Nearly 30 years ago, the partners at Haley Guiliano founded one of the first technical agent programs at an intellectual property law firm. The innovative program allowed highly-skilled recent graduates in technical fields to apply their engineering, chemistry, and life-sciences backgrounds training to the legal issues surrounding a wide variety of emerging and pioneering technologies, while simultaneously learning practical legal skills and earning their law degree.

Haley Guiliano’s comprehensive program combines hands-on experience and side-by-side mentoring with a structured course and training program designed to quickly hone the skills of young professionals. From day one, technical agents can expect to accumulate the knowledge and real-world experience that create successful attorneys and further contribute to our brand.

Our ever-evolving program has grown from its roots in aiding recent graduates in obtaining a law degree to providing options for current technical agents and lawyers to obtain degrees and attend courses in emerging technologies. At Haley Guiliano, we are committed to enriching creative minds and expanding the skillset of our team. This is what helps us help them to stand out from their peers.